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This is Grass.

Sometime in the mid-90s, hundreds of miles apart, on opposite ends of Texas’ southern border, two teenage miscreants discovered the plant that would transform their lives. Over the course of the next two decades, they would find each other, first as journalism students at the University of Texas and then again in the SF Bay Area, where they settled into a decades-long collaboration. They would spend their weekends getting stoned and dreaming up schemes for the future, and their weekdays acting as the combined creative force behind one of the most iconic brands in tech journalism. Countless buds and many high-profile gigs later, Reena Karia and Christopher Trout have dedicated their next chapter to elevating the consumer cannabis experience.

The Team


Christopher Trout

Christopher Trout is the former editor-in-chief of Engadget, founding editor of the award-winning weekly, Distro, creator of the world’s largest grant for immersive arts, and the brain behind the popular video series and column, Computer Love. His work has appeared or been featured in BUTT Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, The El Paso Times, OUT, Vox, Glamour, Slate, Variety, The Advocate, and Surface among others. He has appeared on Dr. Oz, New York Magazine’s Sex Lives podcast, and the BBC World Service.


Reena Karia

Reena Karia has more than 10 years of experience in brand strategy, event production, marketing, and graphic design. She’s serviced Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits across food and beverage, the arts, education, tech, and biotech. Her clients include Engadget / CES, AOL / Oath, Coke, Dell, Samsung, Amyris, Elan, Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, CreativeLive and Stanford University. She is a Bloomberg Technologies & Vayner Media social media grantee.

Our Values

It’s time to subvert tired narratives. 

We believe in representation, decriminalization, and democratization. We believe education is the key to conscientious consumption. We believe cannabis is a cure.

We believe in your right to a good time.