How to get high on edibles, the Chris Yang way

Illustration by Brad Amorosino

Illustration by Brad Amorosino


Good morning LA!


We’ve joined forces with chemist-turned-chef Chris Yang, of the dope dinner series PopCultivate, to celebrate the ultimate stoner’s holiday. This Saturday he’ll serve the Grass team and some very special guests a five-course, 4/20 feast in a top-secret location. On the menu: chicory, rose salad with whipped burrata, orange miso-lacquered salmon, and a passion fruit tart with blueberry compote, all dosed with 5mg of THC upon request. If that made your mouth water, we’re sorry. The table is full but you can sign up for the PopCultivate mailing list for details on the next event.

With his dual backgrounds in organic chemistry and fine dining, Chris is basically a professor of edibles. So we asked him for some dosing advice. Even if you don’t get a mouthful of his dank dumplings this 4/20, follow these five steps to responsible dosing and you’ll be well on your way to higher ground, the Chris Yang way.


Step 1: Do you!

It’s not rocket science, but it is science. How high you get is dependent on a long list of factors unique to you. Everything from estrogen levels to what and how much you eat can contribute to how you experience the effects of THC. It’s important to remember that you are truly unique and a number of factors could affect your high, including your weight, age, sex, genetics, diet, and state of mind. What’s more, seasoned stoners are less likely to get FUBAR than their novice counterparts. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, follow steps two and three below and consider taking notes on strain, THC concentration, and, of course, feels.

Pro tip: Alcohol jumpstarts THC absorption in your digestive system. The two in combination can also lead to nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and, yes, vomiting. So please, crossfade with caution.


Step 2: Start small!

Chris recommends starting with 5mg of THC and working your way up from there. At PopCultivate, dinners are broken into courses, each with an opt-in 5mg infusion. If you’re dosing DIY, make sure to check the label! Edibles sold in California dispensaries often come in 100mg packages, but single-serving dosages vary.

Pro tip: It’s always good to remember step one, but Chris suggests that 5mg of THC generally feels kind of like two or three beers. We created a scale of feels above based on that assumption.


Step 3: Go slow!

Remember that time you ate a pot brownie and didn’t feel anything, so you ate another and then another and then one more until you finally felt EVERYTHING!?!?!? Don’t do that. If you’re looking for a balanced high, take long pauses between doses (think hours not minutes) to let the THC set in. It might take longer to feel the effects, but if you’re taking notes, you’ll be better prepared next time.


Step 4: Drink up!

Cottonmouth isn’t just a venomous water serpent, it’s also a very real side effect of THC. According to some very smart scientists, THC binds with cannabinoid receptors located in your salivary glands to temporarily stem saliva production. Basically, the same system that gets you stoned also gives you yuck mouth. So how do you beat it? It’s pretty simple: Drink plenty of water.

Pro tip: Cottonmouth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dehydrated, but drinking water can compensate for other salivary functions.


Step 5: Don’t freak out!

If you followed steps one through four, chances are you’re enjoying the oh-so-sweet feeling of an edible high. If you missed step three and went HAM on a whole tray of weed brownies instead, don’t panic! THC’s mellower sidekick, CBD, could be your savior. Turns out, CBD can actually neutralize THC’s psychoactive effects. So if you feel a little too out there, try popping a CBD gummy and think happy thoughts. Nothing lasts forever!