Take a trip to Hicksville Pines


Hicksville Pines, a truly one-of-a-kind hideaway, sits just steps from the San Jacinto Mountains, beyond the blackened forests devastated by the Cranston Fire of summer 2018. The fire, which swept more than 13,000 acres, left the roadside cabins and neighboring mountain community of Idyllwild unscathed. California’s first “bud and breakfast” consists of 10 themed rooms in brightly colored, a-frame cabins; a lodge where cannabis-inspired breakfasts are served; and a rec room decked out with complimentary shuffleboard, ping pong, jukebox, arcade games, and an old school box vape. For those familiar, it’s like The Madonna Inn for weed.

The Grass team spent one magical night at Hicksville, splitting our time between a plush pink room designed by Dita Von Teese; The Dolly Parton suite, which features a Dolly pinball machine and wood barrel bathtub; and the Haunted Mansion, decorated with props straight from the Disneyland ride.

At the moment, only the 420 room, with its black light posters and sunken bed, allows smoking, but vaping is totally chill and ashtrays are spread throughout the property’s outdoor spaces. Other rooms include Mondo Trasho, a tribute to the king of filth, John Waters, and The Great Northern, in honor of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. You’ll see winks and nods to other cult superstars all over the property. Among them, a velvet portrait of Cheech and Chong in the rec room and a Log Lady canister stuffed with a gram of locally grown Blue Dream, complimentary at check-in. Hicksville isn’t a luxury retreat, but it’s dripping with nostalgia and a true sense of freedom.