Get High Desert high


The Grass team made its way out to the Coachella Valley a week before the festival by the same name turned a dusty desert into an oasis of wide-brimmed hats and high-waisted jeans. We hit up Desert Hot Springs, a city saved by large-scale marijuana cultivation, before popping into SoCal’s first legal venue for cannabis consumption, the 420 lounge. Our trip ended at a ‘bud and breakfast’ in the San Jacinto mountains, but it was Mobil filling station that really caught our attention.

29 Palms Liquor and Gas, just a short drive from the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, features a fully functioning cafe with nitro cold brew on tap, an assortment of weed-themed knee-high socks, and the sickest blown-glass pipe selection we’ve seen in years. Our pick of the litter (pictured here) is an outstretched witch’s mitt that we named Clawdine. In honor of this and other desert oddities, we’re dedicating this week’s Hot Tips to the dusty, sweaty, hot-as-hell heaven on Earth that is the Coachella Valley.

Next week’s adventure? Sunny Los Angeles.