Go half on it with Plus gummies


Eating edibles used to feel like a round of Russian roulette. One weed brownie might leave you slobbering on the couch while another might never hit. The post-legalization scene is a whole lot more predictable.

State regulations now require clearly marked dosage information and obvious serving sizes. Edibles are limited to a max of 100mg THC per package and 10mg per serving, meaning eating weed no longer has to be a game of chance. If you want to know what’s coming to you, try splitting your gummy or chocolate in half. You can always eat more if the high doesn’t hit, but there’s no reversing a bad trip.

We grabbed a can of our favorite infused gummies, Plus sour blueberry, before hitting the road, and maintained a nice light high throughout the day by splitting those gooey blues in half. At 5mg per serving, they’re not exactly high-potency whole, but sometimes all you need is a little lift.

For more tips to knowing your limits, checkout our collaboration with Chef Chris Yang, a 420 guide to responsible dosing.

P.S. Whatever you do, don’t follow our example and leave your gummies out in the High Desert sun. That is, unless you’re feeling nostalgic for the dicey days of prohibition edibles. Trust us, there’s no telling what kind of high you’ll get from a big blue blob.