Get shrunk on Pot Psychology


If you caught a whiff of Gwenyth Paltrow's vaginal eggs, you know there’s no shortage of misguided guidance on the internet today, but no one gives bad advice like Tracie Egan Morrissey and Rich Juzwiak. For five years, they produced and starred in Pot Psychology, a Jezebel web series that spoofed radio call-in shows like Dr. Laura. Staged in what appeared to be someone’s closet, they would sit side-by-side, staring into the camera with half-closed eyes, passing judgement on a presumably stoned audience. The best part? They were stoned too. Very. Very. Stoned.

The pair effectively retired from the bad-advice game in 2012, but not before gracing us with a book: Pot Psychology's How to Be: Lowbrow Advice from High People. Thankfully, the series is still available on Jezebel, where you can get an education in dealing with nosebleeds during oral sex, changing your tampon after you pee, and covertly scratching your vadge. In a world filled with armchair doctors and YouTube gurus, we think it’s time for a reunion.