Get loose with Prana Nectar Balm


After a long walk through Santee Alley and a busy day preparing for our 4/20 feast, we were in desperate need of some post-holiday self care. On our way out of town, we popped into The Pottery, one of the most meticulously designed and unapologetically LA dispensaries we’ve seen.

The decor is minimal. There are seafoam green portraits of famous smokers like Miley Cyrus and a pre-presidency Barack Obama printed on the walls. Tan wood islands offer Jonathan Adler accessories, silicone pipes, and designer candles. Black and white geometric tiles fill a dimly lit corner dedicated to Pottery apparel: graphic sweats sets and millennial-pink crop tops. But we didn’t come for a master class in Gen-Z product merchandising.

We were on a mission for relief. We asked our host, a 420-friendly influencer and model, to recommend something for sore muscles and he quickly directed us to Prana Nectar Balm. It’s has an invigorating lemon scent and a three-to-one CBD-to-THC ratio; just what we needed to put the low-grade pain of a long weekend behind us. We’ve since rubbed the stuff on our necks, our backs, our ... you know how this ends.