Coming Soon: Rec’d, a podcast about the other side of legal weed


Coming to your earholes October 2019. This is Rec’d: the podcast where we explore the unintended consequences of legalization in the world’s largest marijuana market. 

In November 2016 California voted to legalize recreational marijuana, bringing prohibition to an abrupt end. When dispensaries opened their doors on January 1st, 2018, the world was watching. Criticism was swift and strong. Revenues failed to meet expectations, industry veterans were forced out of business, and the illicit market flourished. All was not right in the Golden State. 

Over the course of the past six months, I’ve interviewed regulators, activists, lawyers, celebrities, and business leaders to try and understand what happened on the other side of legalization. With the help of my co-hosts Reena Karia, cofounder of The Grass Agency, and Brandi Moody, a food, weed, and wine marketing consultant, I’ll break down how California missed the mark and what it means for the rest of the United States. Rec’d is one-part talk show, one-part documentary and a total trip. 

Join The Grass Agency and our guests, including Steve DeAngelo of Harborside; Lori Ajax of the Bureau Of Cannabis Control; Amber Senter of Supernova Women, Jennifer Lujan of Eaze, Tracy Ryan of Cannakids, Matt Shotwell of Weed Country, and many more, as we explore the other side of legalization.