Stay hydrated with Mister Green and Nalgene

The  Baggu  Broccoli swag bag with the Mister Green Bong Water Nalgene

The Baggu Broccoli swag bag with the Mister Green Bong Water Nalgene

We’re still coasting on the fumes of an informative, aesthetically pleasing, and hazy weekend in Portland for Broccoli Magazine’s In Bloom. To keep the good vibes rolling into this week, we’ll give you a look at some of the great stuff we snagged at the In Bloom pop-up marketplace.

Dry mouth is real, y’all. And nothing helps like water can. After two days of consuming cannabis in various forms, one glass of water at a time was just not cutting it. So on day three, we copped one of these Mister Green’s Bong Water Nalgene collabs to quench our thirst and relieve our chronic cotton mouth. This 32 oz. lightweight Bong Water bottle comes in different colors to match your mood and it’s BPA, BPS and Phthalate free.

We also tried the Portland-based High&Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges so that you don’t have to. These unmedicated discs tout a proprietary blend of Eastern Medicine-inspired herbs with high quality ingredients that are supposed to stimulate saliva production inhibited by cannabis consumption.

They were a little too medicinal for our taste buds and did not provide immediate relief as advertised. We’re going to stick with our Nalgene, but go ahead and try them if H2O alone doesn’t work for you.

Check back in with us this week for more of our favorite In Bloom finds!