Pack a Pax Era, our favorite rechargeable vape pen

The Pax Era with a Legion of Bloom Nina Limone pod.

The Pax Era with a Legion of Bloom Nina Limone pod.

Happy Friday!

If you’re hitting the road this weekend, you may want to consider one of these fine disposable vapes. They make great travel companions, but we don’t recommend them for everyday use. Like any single-use, battery operated product, these devices are hella wasteful and strict regulations for disposing of cannabis products have made vape recycling near impossible.

If you’re looking to keep that vape life alive, but want to minimize your environmental impact, we recommend going with a rechargeable device for day-to-day use. There are plenty on the market, but our go-to is the Pax Era, pictured here. It lets you set LED color, temperature, and session duration, and it doesn’t skimp on style. It’s sleek, and discreet, just like our favorite disposables, but without all the excess battery waste.

The Era uses swappable proprietary cannabis-oil pods, so you’ll want to check in with your dispensary about availability before taking the plunge. As of right now, Pax pods are carried at many if not most major California retailers and there are plenty of top-shelf brands making compatible pods. Our current fav: Legion of Bloom’s Nina Limone, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s juicy as hell. You can cop a Pax Era battery for $30 at participating dispensaries or at the Pax site.

So go forth and vape, but remember to keep your eye out for products with only cannabis-derived ingredients. Let’s keep Mother Nature smiling!