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The Grass Agency Identity


After nearly two decades of collaboration and five years as the combined creative force behind Engadget, it was time to branch out on our own. In fall 2018, we began work on what would eventually become The Grass Agency, a cannabis creative agency and multi-media production house. With marijuana’s rapid mainstreaming underway, familiar patterns appeared, and the usual suspects began to dominate the conversation around the future of cannabis.  We made it our mission to bring other perspectives to the table. Through client creative work and our own media ventures, we would shed light on untold stories and offer an unexpected aesthetic. The Grass Agency would operate as a client-facing creative agency, and fund The Grass Guide, a multi-media travel guide to the wild world of weed. The Grass Guide would also serve as a calling card for future Grass Agency clients. 

The name Grass came from a long identity exploration. It needed to reference our focus on cannabis, without being too obvious. It needed to reflect the dichotomy of cannabis as an intoxicant and an ancient, naturally occurring medicine. It needed to be genderless, ageless, and inclusive without taking itself too seriously. Grass covered all of these bases, allowing for ample visual and word play opportunities. We selected a font that could reference the name’s origins in the 1960s without feeling restrictively ‘retro’. Reena then set to work creating custom elements, like the Grass ‘g’, which curls up like billowing smoke. Green was an obvious choice for a brand color, but when paired with gold and pink, it spoke to nature and indulgence in equal measure. 

For our cards, we selected a heavy hemp-based paper, printed with metallic green and holographic gold inks. The color-changing holographic ink reflects the brand’s adaptability and spirit of inclusion. That spirit of inclusion, as well as our brand colors, carry over to the work that we do for The Grass Guide, a visual universe of unconventional, mind-bending imagery awash in green, pink, and gold.



  • Identity, Art Direction, Photography, Design & Strategy: The Grass Agency