Lighten Up with Brother David's Pineapple Punch


Good weed gets you high. Great weed changes your perspective. Take Brother David’s Pineapple Punch , a Sativa-dominant Hybrid from Elysian Fields and the people behind Dr. Bronner’s soap. At 16.9 percent THC it’s not necessarily a heavy hitter, but it definitely packs a punch. We snagged a pack of five pre-rolls from The Vapor Room and sparked up after a long day of dry ice and mutilated fruit in the studio. This earthy, fruity blend transformed a turn down into a turn up and had us giggling and chatting long past our expiration date bedtime.

Featured Strain: Brother David’s Pineapple Punch
THC: 16.9% CBD: 0.02%
Grower: Elysian Fields
Genetics: Pineapple OG, Berry White
Tasting Notes: Earthy, Fruity
High: Social, Active, Silly