Manage Mondaze with Sonder's full-spectrum vapes


We’re baaack! And we’re rolling into this post-vacay Monday like the party never stopped. Thanks to this hella cute vape pen from Sonder, we’re crushing the workweek blues before they even set in. 

We met Sonder’s founders in Portland during Broccoli Magazine’s In Bloom festival earlier this year and we were instantly intrigued. It takes something special to get us excited  about a vape pen and Sonder has it. Not only do these fine folks know good design -- srsly, you need to follow their IG -- they also know good weed. Sonder’s vape oils are made using CO2 extraction and sungrown flower from Mendocino, resulting in a cleaner, more sustainable vape. 

If you’re looking for a solid day-time companion, you can grab one  of Sonder’s full spectrum pens from Med Men stores across SoCal. (Confetti not included)