Wear your weed on your feet with Duke + Dexter x Snoop Dogg


Ever dreamt of sliding your aching feet into a sack of fresh, sticky nugs? Or walking barefoot on a bed of dank? Have you ever smoked a joint with your toes just because?

Oh, no? Ok. So it’s just us. Anyway, if the idea of Strawberry Cough toe jam doesn’t quite do it for you, British shoemaker Duke + Dexter has teamed up with Snoop Dogg for a series of slides and slippers that combines weed and feet with subtle sophistication. These limited edition black velvet slides manage to display your love for the plant without stinking up your stash.

Our own Christopher Trout got his as a gift and debuted them during a Grass dispensary day a few weeks back. Don’t they look stunning next to that shiny green tile at the new Flower + Water pizzeria? You can browse the whole collection or grab a pair for yourself online for $300.

Now, excuse us while we collect the kief from between our toes.