Stuff your maw with Cannadips cannabis pouches


Introducing the absolute weirdest impulse purchase we’ve ever made. We found  these so-called “lifestyle cannabis pouches” sitting next to the register at Harvest off Mission a few weeks back, and curiosity got the best of us. Only trouble is, we had no idea what we were buying. 

Somehow in the short distance from our  budtender’s mouth to our ears, wires got crossed. What we thought were THC tea bags turned out to be medicated chewing tobacco substitutes. We’re clearly not the demographic for this one, but we were hella curious. So we sent Shane Gill, our sometimes photographer and Reena’s long-time love, out to an Oakland A’s game with two packs of Cannadips in tow. 

His verdict: they’re discreet, fast acting, and not particularly potent -- a solid ballpark companion. What’s more, the marijuana is nearly flavorless, so it’s not like you’re sucking on a dime bag. For those considering Cannadips, a word of warning: our guinea pig has a very high tolerance. As is always the case when sticking weed in your mouth, start slow and low.