Which got weed? Green Tea edition


High tea anyone?

It’s time for the second installment of ‘Which got weed?’ A very special quiz (slide) show, in which we ask the question “which got weed?” Think you have what it takes to find the THC in these two cups of “green” tea? Swipe left to find out.

One of these is an off-the-shelf green tea from the supermarket. The other is a very special 2-to-1 THC-to-CBD blend from Kikoko. The company has a range of THC and CBD infused teas with punny names that target sleep, mood, pain, and sex. We opted for Positivi-Tea, because we like to keep things chill around here and we figured Sensuali-Tea is best served in bed.

Each bag packs 10mg of THC, so it’s best not to operate heavy machinery after lifting your pinky at tea time.

ɐǝʇ-ᴉʌᴉʇᴉsod oʞoʞᴉʞ ˙q :ɹǝʍsuɐ