Feel the 80s nostalgia


If you thought weed was safe from millennial marketing, think again. At last week’s Hall of Flowers we got a taste of what the future holds for the cannabis industry and it looks an awful lot like the past: specifically the 1980s. HotNife (yes, that’s Nife with an ‘N’) outfitted its booth like a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper to sell candy-colored pre-rolls, while Vacation pushed a foot-long joint with a Miami Vice twist, but no brand was more unapologetically nostalgic than Rad. The California-based extracts company laid it on thick with neon signs, Saved By The Bell graphics, and salespeople decked out in leotards and side ponies. It’s the stuff of late-stage millennial nightmares, but, hey, it caught our attention.

What can we say? We’re suckers for pot in a hot pink wrapper