Take a smoke break at Moe Greens


San Francisco became something of a pioneer when it let people buy and smoke their weed in the same place -- novel concept, we know. Now a handful of on-site consumption lounges are taking cues from the city’s thriving cocktail culture. Moe Greens, a downtown dispensary and consumption lounge from the people behind Barbary Coast, is one of those places.

It has the vibes of a high-end speakeasy, with exposed brick walls, green leather furniture, and gold light fixtures throughout. The lounge is separated into three spaces: an informal foyer with high-top cocktail tables, a formal sitting area with large leather booths, and a dab bar with actual bar seating. Tables come equipped with everything you need to get the job done. Glass pipes, lighters, Q-tips, and other paraphernalia are swapped out regularly, as are the customers.  We stopped in and smoked a Churros Sugar Cookies infused joint and an outdoor pre-roll from Brotherly Love Organics before heading out for a drink at The Moongate Lounge, but we could have stayed all night. That is, if they’d let us: the booths here have a 30-minute limit.

Moe Greens may be less a luxury hideaway than it is a quick, clean reprieve from smoking on Market Street, but we’re into it.