Roll your own in pink and gold

Photo by  Jesse Recor

Photo by Jesse Recor

If it wasn’t already evident, The Grass Agency has a thing for pink joints with a gold crutches. For the past few months, we’ve smoked them just about everywhere: from dinner parties in LA, to Best Buy parking lots in Hayward. We’ve left a veritable bread crumb trail of their shimmery, duotone butts across the great state of California.

We’ve been stuffing our own with these fillable cones from Curated Flame. They cost $5 for a pack of two, the paper is dyed with natural pigments and hempseed oil, and the crutch is made from food-grade materials. If you’re looking for a grab-and-go solution, you can buy a pack of two gold-tipped magenta or purple pre-rolls from HotNife at select California retailers.