Cure your cottonmouth with Mister Green and Nalgene


cottonmouth | /ˈkätnˌmouTH/

  1. a large, dangerous semiaquatic pit viper that inhabits lowland swamps and waterways of the southeastern US. When threatening it opens its mouth wide to display the white interior.

  2. dryness of the mouth.

Cottonmouth isn’t just a venomous water serpent, it’s also a very real side effect of consuming THC. According to some very smart scientists, THC binds with cannabinoid receptors located in your salivary glands to temporarily stem saliva production. Basically, the same system that gets you stoned also gives you yuck mouth. So how do you beat it? It’s pretty simple: Drink plenty of water.

Pro tip: Cottonmouth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dehydrated, but drinking water can compensate for other salivary functions.

This tip first appeared in “How to get high on edibles, the Chris Yang way,” on the occasion of our 420 Feast with dope dinner series, Pop Cultivate.

Bong Water Nalegene: Mister Green
Greenery: Golden Goddess Botanicals
Photography and styling: The Grass Agency