Throw a dope dinner party


Jungle Boys was sick and Santee Alley was a trip, but the real draw on our LA adventure was the 4/20 Feast, a Grass Agency x PopCultivate collab. For the past two years, the chef collective has been putting on multi-course cannabis-infused dinners under the direction of scientist-turned-chef, Chris Yang. PopCultivate brought the food, and we brought a bit of style and swag to the table with surreal place-settings, complimentary joints, and a guide to dosing responsibly -- we didn’t want anyone crawling out of there on all fours.

It was a big production, but it had all of the ingredients of a truly intimate dinner party. Our chefs for the night, Shruti Patel and Wendy Zeng, prepared a delicious five-course meal for some of our favorite people. On the menu: a rum-spiked POG cocktail, Ossobuco-stuffed dumpling soup, orange miso-glazed salmon, and a CBD-laced tart -- every course was offered with an opt-in 10mg dose of THC.  In the end, the food was on point, the company was awesome, and the buzz was just right.

Dope supper clubs like these are relatively common in major cities and you can usually find them through a simple Google search, but if you’re not ready to drop a grip on dinner, you can always do it yourself. There’s plenty of literature on cooking with weed out there, but we’d start with Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed from the editors of Munchies or The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey.

If you decide to take things into your own hands, make sure to read our guide to dosing, and enjoy the ride!